An Inappropriate Poem for my Best Friend by Tilly

An Inappropriate Poem for my Best Friend by Tilly

You make me feel, like I’m crashing

Into tide after tide of waves:

And every hit makes me weaker,

But leaves me wanting more.

You make me feel, like I’m made of stars

Trying hard to escape my skin

And fly back into the sky,

Tearing me open; just for you to see.

You make me feel, like every inch of my body

Is on fire

Burning to remind me:

That I’m still alive.

I look at you and remember

How I was meant to change the world

And build it up –

Yet can’t help but tear it down.

Around you,

I am madness

Rushing from side to side

In the confusion that I made


Inside are the words I long to say:

Running through veins, searching for escape,

But how can I lose you

By speaking these words,

By showing how I want nothing else

Than to be with you forever?


How can I, spend another second


Of how your lips brushed against mine

Sparks electrocuting me

In the best way?

How can I be so close to you

Every single day, without

Bursting into blizzards of snow

That envelope you in beauty?

What must I do

For you to understand

That I might love you

In too many ways?

Look away!

Be blind!

For I am mute

And would rather endure this pain

Than run the risk:

Of ever losing you.



This poem is one of the chosen entries for DESA’s Valentine’s Themed Poetry Competition.

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