My Heart by Anonymous

My Heart by Anonymous

My Heart is expectant,

but never gets

what feels due

what should be next.


My Heart is hopeful,

and never wavers,

till it gets bad,

then it quavers.


When will it take

for me to feel

like it’s getting good

and actually real.


Not just a dream

painfully surreal,

deceiving me so, that

I won’t need to heal.


Life is cruel,

Why me?

Others jump hurdles,

I jump three.


And yet I feel as if

I’m just complaining.

Who can blame me

when it’s always raining?


Rain’s not terrible,

but it’s always the same.

I want some sun,

not hoping in vain.

My Heart is broken,

waiting once more

for a break from rain –

for someone to adore.


This poem is one of the chosen entries for DESA’s Valentine’s Themed Poetry Competition.

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