No Clouds in Sight by Anonymous

No Clouds in Sight by Anonymous

My day was bright,

no clouds in sight.

Everything warm and blue,

I even played with my kite.


I thought your sky was also blue,

but you first had some dew,

then it started raining

and ruined your view.


The temperature was rising

but you were indifferent.

Upon us came the evening

and you got lost

in your own incompetence.



I told you to go east,

but you headed west

and found a new land,

where you could rest.


I couldn’t find you.

My clear day became murky.

In vain, I tried harder to make it evident,

less friendly, or platonic.

More lovely and romantic.


I’m not as happy now – I miss you

But you can’t tell

you’re so far away

and I’ve slowly been led astray.


I fail to hope

that I’ll be seen through fog

but I pray endlessly to mother nature

for an opportunity,

or maybe,

that it’s all acknowledged,

but I won’t be discouraged.


It should have been clear as day.

You should have been aware

and figured what to say.


No clouds in sight

but you made it pour

Because you started to dance

for your inconspicuous cure.


The past is the past.

You’ve found your oasis.

While I sit in a desert,

wishing for catharsis.


This poem is one of the chosen entries for DESA’s Valentine’s Themed Poetry Competition.

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