The Changing of the Seasons by Michaela Demicoli

The Changing of the Seasons by Michaela Demicoli

That blooming May field

had been a raging backdrop

of pure colour mingling with existence,

featuring layer upon layer of

pigmented hyacinths

and prettier peonies.


This grieving November field

indeed sees grave stagnation

which brims with tactless incongruity.

An exodus of dampened hearts

must now find joy

in wintry Chrysanthemums,

while a melancholy obituary

reprimands within:

Tout est mort (ainsi que l’amour!)


There that hapless reaper

ploughs through drenchèd weeds.

Those spring months have ceased to be,

and nature unwillingly withdraws

as the icy Boreas

lulls vitality to sleep,

until the curse is frantically uplifted

in the potential May season thereafter.


This poem is one of the chosen entries for DESA’s Valentine’s Themed Poetry Competition.

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