The Flames by Alexander G. Lewis

The Flames by Alexander G. Lewis

Burning red flames engulf the room,

Melting my skin so much.

My rock hard body; longing for yours,

Before it’s far gone, with every touch.

Our hands now moulding each other like clay,

Sparks fly, walls fall, glass shatters, clothes tear.

One hand moves up: the other right down,

Feeling its way through the flames so clear.


Red shadows play in the midnight sun,

Naked bodies of sweat and blood,

Like lions and tigers that tug and play,

Our operating table now covered in mud.

A penetrating look makes direct contact,

While digits scale and measure you through,

My fingers landscaping silken-smooth skin,

Firmly digging in, hew by hew.


Eyes swell up, thighs begin to tremble,

Wanting to shut, close, press and tease,

Fighting against that automatic response,

You battle to widen, with a curl and a squeeze.

Fingers to lips, a grasp to a kiss,

My touch – enigmatic, all merged into one.

Bodies intertwine, rumble, and tighten,

No difference can be made between lust and pure fun.


Trying to hold your breath, and shut your mouth,

But all you keep doing is scream and shout!

Eyes rolling, muscles churning, lip biting and more.

To the pushing in: the pulling out.

All that you thought has come tumbling down,

The man that you knew is changed once more.

Dreams of love and excitement will all dissipate,

Knowing that; tomorrow, you’ll be nothing but sore.


This poem is one of the chosen entries for DESA’s Valentine’s Themed Poetry Competition.

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