Shakespearean Couplet by Sarah Zammit Munro

Shakespearean Couplet by Sarah Zammit Munro

Their love was based on nothing more

than two genuine souls linked together

through art,

spark ignited through words,

poetry shared from one breath to the other.


They were the couple from next door,

you know,

the kind of couple everyone assumed would end up together.

The kind of couple

whose old souls and playful banters

fit together like a Shakespearean couplet.

Assumptions create opposites for hard heads.

A person who is used to going against the current

will only admit to something once almost lost.

Perfect timing.

There were mannerisms that made their heads reel,

their heart flutter.

They were used to each other

and their love remained young.


That was an indication for an assurance of a lifetime.

When you want something, you’ll work at it

even if the world throws arrows at your heart.

Pluck them out,

stitch the pieces with threads of golden lips,

fingers intertwined,

and face the worst that is yet to come.


The best isn’t over, honey.


we will walk to Heaven’s doors

with our heads held high

and our knees on the ground.


This poem is one of the chosen entries for DESA’s Valentine’s Themed Poetry Competition.

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