Valentine’s Day by Jake Aquilina

Valentine’s Day by Jake Aquilina

another one comes
another one goes
another one with
only one

who’s to say
that’s a bad feat?

i’d rather be alone
than be as two
who never knew
how apart they’ve grown

so please, stop moaning
yes, you are alone today
there’s no need to act
like Romeo in search
for Juliet;
life is no play

be glad you’re not
a bird caged
inside a collector’s aviary
like some birds are

and yes, maybe someday
cupid shoots arrows upon our asses
and we meet some other half
but today is not that day

there are two ways
to go about this –
whine alone
or wine alone

my answer pops open


This poem is one of the entries for DESA’s Valentine’s Themed Poetry Competition.

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