DESA | Call for Submissions – Life, Mortality, Friendship, and Loss

DESA | Call for Submissions – Life, Mortality, Friendship, and Loss
As always, we editors of TEXT are thematically linking this call for submissions to an upcoming 2018 literary event. This time in connection with the 132nd anniversary of Emily Dickinson’s death, which falls on the 15th of May.
Although Emily Dickinson was an American Poet, we appeal to all interested students to submit their works in the forms of both Poetry and/or Prose, as well as follow any structure or length that they see fit. That being said, we only ask for the submissions to be linked to the general themes that Dickinson focused on within her own work.
These themes being the following:
We are well aware of the upcoming stress this particular time of year brings with it. Therefore, we are further encouraging all students interested in writing to submit their own original work for one last time before the impending exam period. Remember that your work will be directly published on our DESA website.
All emails are to be sent on, addressed to Editors of TEXT, and are to include all of the following information:
Full Name/Pseudonym
Title of Submission
Chosen Theme/s
The deadline for all submissions falls on Wednesday 10th May, 2018.
We wish you all the best of luck in your upcoming exams and hope to hear from you soon!
Your editors,
Alexander and Kathryn
Editors of TEXT – DESA

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