Month: March 2019

Love is Stupid by Ian Zerafa

Love is Stupid by Ian Zerafa

Kids, I’m running away. I know that’s not the sort of thing a dad should ever say to his kids, much less write it. Especially at 11:34 on a Wednesday, when I know we’re going out to dinner on Friday. But I’m going. This letter’s […]

The Bleeding Blue Rose by Joanne Bugeja

The Bleeding Blue Rose by Joanne Bugeja

The sky was growling like a starved hound. The pale winter moon was buried underneath heavy silver clouds. The Stars had taken their leave surrendering to the merciless downpour. This was a night where lovers would clash, where pleas would fall on deaf ears and […]

HE by Claire Bajada

HE by Claire Bajada

His eyes so blue

Lips so pink

Smile so pleasant

He makes me think

He speaks with confidence

A really kind soul

From many different girls

Their hearts he stole

He gives me flowers

Some daisies, some roses

He comes up behind me

And my eyes he closes

So gentle and sweet

He’s the perfect boy

One you should care for

Not use like a toy.

When he plays his sport

The way he cheers

When they win a victory

His eyes fill with tears

Oh how often we chat

All the jokes and laughter

It’s obvious to everyone

That it’s me he’s after

But there is just one thing

When my secret unfurls

What will he think

When I say I’m into girls?

The Latecomer’s Tale by Daniel Cossai

The Latecomer’s Tale by Daniel Cossai

“Oh, grandmother, tell me the story of Cinderella!” “My dear,” the grandmother told the little girl as they sat by the fireplace. “It is lovely, but wouldn’t you like to hear a new story?” “Can you tell me the one about the sleeping princess?” “Yes, […]

Asphyxiation by Juanita Galea

Asphyxiation by Juanita Galea

I am not a sinner, But sin itself  I am the dark entanglement of deceit,The attraction that many try to hide.A fixation on the prey. You run away from me, Say it’s in the pastTell me that I’m stupid, that it would never last. But […]