Asphyxiation by Juanita Galea

Asphyxiation by Juanita Galea

I am not a sinner,
But sin itself 

I am the dark entanglement of deceit,
The attraction that many try to hide.
A fixation on the prey.

You run away from me,
Say it’s in the past
Tell me that I’m stupid, that it would never last.

But you cannot run, you cannot hide
For I am not a sinner,
But sin itself.

You try and try to get me out of your head
These desires are going to wind up with you — dead

The taste in your mind
And memory in your mouth 
Of the night you caved
And gave your entirety to me.

That night you took your first
Careful and Scared, yet finally at rest. 
No not rest. You shall never rest again. 

Covered in immaculate red
You took a breath and marvelled 
At the lifeless beauty she possessed.

I consumed you with faultless authority 
You consumed her with stained authority

I am not a sinner,
But sin itself
The kind that urges you
To seek pleasures beyond human understanding. 

It is not an infatuation with me that makes you
Like this my love,
It is the satisfaction that overcomes you 
When she can breathe no more.

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