The Bleeding Blue Rose by Joanne Bugeja

The Bleeding Blue Rose by Joanne Bugeja

The sky was growling like a starved hound.

The pale winter moon was buried underneath heavy silver clouds.

The Stars had taken their leave surrendering to the merciless downpour.

This was a night where lovers would clash, where pleas would fall on deaf

ears and cries for mercy would be met with heartbreaking indifference.

That stormy night mirrored the tumultuous journey of two epic lovers. A

journey which would come to a screeching halt on that special night

dedicated to lovers, unlike the stubborn winds that blew ever so forcefully

on that icy February night.

A night that would bear witness to a shattered heart, shrieks of despair, the

heart wrenching ending of fragmented love and an exchange of a single,

perfect blue rose.

Legend has it that if you paused to look closely, you’d notice a single trickle

of blood seeping through the exquisite, celestial blue petals, as the parting

lovers glanced back at each other one last time. 

This was the end of love. And the sky united in their grief.

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