State of Flux by Matthew Cilia

State of Flux by Matthew Cilia

You set out to reach for the stars,

But you landed amongst the dust

A barren landscape one wouldn’t lust

Yet here you are stranded in the mud.

Those days you thought

You’d have seen naught

Love skin deep

Heart of strings leap

Mind numb and asleep

Who’d have foretold you’d be here?

This chaos unfolded all so mere,

Like the ineffable stature you are

Close or far, you’re just too dark

Under the shadow of your boastfulness

Where deep down, you’re all a mess.

What if away you went to count the stars

To find the core to strengthen your soul

Far away where mountains lay

For then you’d say

Who am I, or was I,

But who’ll be I that comes about

From that cocoon of mountainous doubt

To the wings abundantly experienced?

Smile sweet summer soul so someone’ll see

Those bright colourful lights you had

Now dampened, rusted, damaged, dutiful stature

That is who you are meant to be

Not hidden behind the window to see

The world from a different way

But how no one would ever say

That life’s beautiful for it is different

Hard for it is insignificant

Queer for it is real

True when you are false

And all the pieces come to fall

In the very center we carved our principles,

These philosophies and doctrines and maxims

That we strive to follow but fail miserably.

How funny this all is;

This world,

A cluster of hypocrites and judgements

Camouflaging chameleons changing colours.

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