The Prince by Elise Bajada

The Prince by Elise Bajada

Every single day in a lonely palace,

A young prince sat in his chair holding a chalice.

He kept wondering what’s outside those walls,

Far from the lonely empty palace halls.

The king in front of him telling him his duties,

The queen presenting him to all the noble beauties,

Dressed in the finest clothes with the finest fur,

Adorned with jewels beyond compare.

To others he had the most perfect life,

Good looks and riches perfect to have a wife.

But the prince felt something missing,

Something lost, he was always guessing.

One faithful day something changed,

The prince was smiling no longer estranged.

Everyone wondered what brought about his joy,

Perhaps it was his newly hired servant boy.

He who was a servant turned into a companion,

He who commanded him considered him his champion.

All the shared secret glances and deep conversations

Soon turned into more than friendly relations.

The palace staff knew what was being hidden,

Hidden because their love could have been forbidden.

But yet their happiness was spread all around

As everyone heard their prince produce that joyful sound.

Days turned to weeks, to months and years,

The couple was going strong despite their fears.

However not everything remains that blissful way,

As the King’s time was ticking away

The Prince was being prepared to take the crown

And yet during this time he had a frown.

His boy asked “what’s wrong my love why so sad?”

To which he answered “I feel somewhat bad”.

The boy smiled at his prince with undying love

And then with strength swore on the stars above,

“You shall not lose me whatever life may bring,

Because I will forever be by your side my king”.

That night they stood together outside,

By no rules will they abide,

With a silent promise and a small golden band,

They bound themselves to each other till the very end.

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