Rapunzel by Elisa Cordina

Rapunzel by Elisa Cordina

All I ever dreamed of,

Was having a child of my own,

A daughter to fill my void,

And my heart to not feel like stone.

So once upon a time,

I kidnapped a baby girl,

And as I started to care for her,

I watched my dream unfurl.

She had beautiful golden hair,

So I let it grow long,

I fed and nourished her,

So that she would always be strong.

Treasures are to be locked up and hidden,

Or they’ll no longer be yours,

And since this child was my most precious treasure,

I kept her locked up and felt no remorse.

I kept her safe from the outside world,

In one of the most beautiful towers,

I loved her unconditionally,

And always surprised her with flowers.

Every day, she let down her hair,

For the tower had no doors,

Every day, I climbed up to her,

And as we sang, we did chores.

But one day, she let down her hair to a prince,

And told me she’d like to marry,

There and then, my heart broke,

And I knew I’d never again be merry.

I was so angry and hurt,

That I cut her beautiful long hair,

I told her to leave the tower,

And felt, in my heart, a tear.

How could she betray me?

I had loved her beyond measure.

Now my heart is stone once more,

For I have lost my most precious treasure.

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