The Intellectual Saviour by Andrew Sammut

The Intellectual Saviour by Andrew Sammut

Joshua was extraordinary in his own way. From a regular person’s point of view, he was spooky and too much of a nerd. From his parents’ perspective, he was proud of himself and enjoyed going out alone, a tendency which they deemed to be rather absurd. Despite knowing this, he viewed himself as being unique and gifted. He was quite a proud child yet he hardly ever complained. He was nothing short of a once-in-a-decade genius, and to prove this to himself he had managed to transplant his own brain with a supercomputer, one he had invented using scrapyard materials. Anesthetic was not required and not a drop of blood was spilled throughout the hour-long surgery. The thought of possibly dying in the process just made him laugh.

The impressive young boy was annoyingly secretive: he was never willing to share his ideas with the government or any scientific research centers in spite of how much they bugged him. He was aware of the consequences that result from events where powerful men are handed obscure objects. They would only abuse them and go against both nature and each other due to their extreme irresponsibility and greed. Josh hardly cared about human extinction anyway but he would never wish harm upon his own money-motivated species.

The teen was considered to be a hero in the eyes of many Nobel Prize winners even though he was a cyborg. Despite being partially mechanical—Cybrain, as his small circle of friends respectfully called him—he never forgot the concept and dynamics of emotions and still had a metaphorical heart of gold. He was disappointed and teary-eyed about the way his parents spoke to him, glad when his 14th PhD was approved, and creeped out when he realized what his precognition meant. Joshua had unintentionally, yet luckily, managed to install a piece of equipment in his brain which allowed him to look into the near future.

Joshua was now aware that he was finally going to avenge himself by battling against a being that was approximately thirty times the size of Pluto. The fight was going to take place the day after tomorrow. This meant that Josh only had two days to prepare for what he hadn’t arranged for and to make sure to obtain in the final battle against this monster. In the child’s most recent experiment, the soul of a dead dog had been swapped with that of a goldfish. Joshua respected all forms of life except human life, but he loved canines more than anybody else. He’d been wishing for a dog ever since he was eight years old, but his parents always silenced him when he brought it up. He thought it would be a good idea to carry out the same experiment using his soul and a large robot that he had built using Iron Man’s blueprints.

After being told when the rematch would be, the teenage genius spent the afternoon building the metal body. Ever since Joshua gained the ability to look into the future, he hardly cared about anything anymore, including himself. As he was going through all the possible outcomes of the battle in his brain, Josh built an antimatter gun, a hydrogen bomb pistol which could carry approximately 250 bombs if they were scientifically shrunk using nanotech, and what he needed most: a pair of headphones so that he’d be able to block out the resonance from the battle while listening to his favorite music. Ever since Josh gained the ability to look into the future, he had lost all interest in loving himself and all others and only cared about what the logical outcome would be.

After he had ploughed through the plan, he grabbed his now lifeless body from the floor, where it had fallen after the soul exchange, covered it in crushed vampire bones to preserve it, and propped it up in his bed so that his parents wouldn’t suspect a thing. This time round he didn’t want to tell them where he was going or what he was doing. This was too important for them to intrude upon and to tell him that it was too much

Joshua had never felt so creeped out in his 17 years of frequently and discreetly travelling to new locations on Earth, other planets, and stars in our solar system. He used vehicles fully equipped with futuristic technologies that Earth’s other top scientists thought would only be available in the following 200 years. Although he had frequently toyed around and experimented on trapped ghosts, which he collected using his enchanted plastic bag, and almost slayed vampires on a daily basis, he had never faced such an unusual and fictional being. Josh was aware of how to beat the beast, but he felt as though his enemy held a trick up his sleeve.

The robot was travelling into Jupiter’s core approximately fifteen minutes before the battle commenced. This was possible because his ship could oppose the massive pressures within the atmosphere. Joshua’s soul was contained in the metal box and was thus able to feel the enemy’s presence gradually approaching. He finally felt ready to defeat the giant, yet something was quite shady. He knew that if he lost the battle, then his violent opponents would be compelled to leave his planet’s atmosphere and circle the solar system with such velocity that he’d be able to change the helical orbit of the planets and the sun. Thus, he would cause them to crash, leading to their inevitable destruction.

Little did Giant-Mouth know how fond of Earth’s creatures, (excluding humans), his opponent was. Josh was also interested in and intrigued by the small colony with eyes for noses and noses for eyes that lived peacefully at the center of the moon. This was because Josh happened to love all aspects in relation to anatomy and the moon species in particular were capable of smelling with their eyes and seeing with their noses, hence being capable of viewing all forms of light waves without being harmed by any of them. This was the main reason why Cybrain had to fight bravely and as quickly as possible.

Giant-Mouth and Cybrain had been sworn enemies for eons due to the fact that Jupiter’s inhabitant had destroyed the last book detailing the Donkvoidian history about the highly prestigious toilet-paper industry on the planet of Uranus. Joshua was very fond of books in general, but he’d never thought that a species of extra-terrestrial microbes would infect humanity in general and that the first object they’d fight over would be toilet-paper itself. He knew that humans were stupid despite the high pedestal that they put themselves upon and that was the reason why he held a grudge against them. Regardless of this, however, he never wished any debilitating problems upon them.

About ten minutes later, Josh put on his trustworthy headphones and waited impatiently. He made sure to badmouth his enemy as soon as he showed up and waited for him for an appropriate length of time to reciprocate. As he took out his hydrogen bomb weapon, the huge opponent immediately started to laugh as he registered how tiny his opponent actually was in comparison. As he ignorantly opened his mouth to breathe deeply from laughing too hard, the miniscule robot made good use of his gun and shot out all of the giant’s teeth in a matter of seconds. Dragons flew out of the destroyed jaw but Joshua was extremely capable of blocking out the fires with his magical flame retardant shield. He repelled the flames, thus burning the winged reptiles alive. He had wished for this protective gadget when encountering a genie who was flying on one of the toxic gas clouds on Venus. This was an easy task for the courageous teen so far and he was unsure about what was causing his uneasy feeling of premonition.

The large opponent, bellowing with pain, started to make circular movements with his hands, hoping to hit the arrogant creature with his pointed and crooked fingernails. He was quite defenseless. After all, his impressively sharpened teeth were what stirred up his name. Joshua used his antimatter gun and the enemy’s fingers and nails dissolved in the blink of an eye. This made Giant-Mouth furious and he summoned demonic witches from beneath his eyelids. These outlandish creatures calmly walked towards Cybrain and sent swarms of demons similar to parasites to eat him alive. This was what had been stressing him out earlier, but luckily, he had prepared a medusa head for such an occasion. He whipped it out of his chest while covering his eyes extremely carefully and heard the army solidify in a couple of minutes. As they all descended into the large beast, Josh heard his opponent scream and swear up until he was calcified too.

The brilliant hero had single-handedly saved the whole solar system from the deadly beast a second time. He knew that upon arriving back to Earth he’d receive no thanks whatsoever, but he never expected that his parents would make him go wash their cars without even realizing that their son was seemingly trapped in a metallic coffin. For the first time in his life, Joshua ignored them completely and paid no attention to their awful complaints. He transferred his soul back into his human body and, in doing so, figured that being so smart was a supernatural power which carried a lot of responsibility.

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