The Myth of Everything by Russell Galea

The Myth of Everything by Russell Galea

Everything created Something– eleven of it, and called it Morg.’

He helped them grow, he helped them know, he helped them so.

And as they grew they birthed life, and worshipped Everything

He was content for they knew their places.

Alas, not all’s well that ends well

For they didn’t hide their faces

And all their sinning cases

Took over all the races,

Abandoning Everything.

And so, Everything was enraged.

He yearned for the balance,

Torture and penance

That previously he tried to assuage.

That balance was Nothing, and such he was summoned.

And with the Elven, the first, he found no resistance.

He destroyed their home; turned into black holes

And the Elven themselves were turned into Drows.

The remaining Elves leapt into unknown,

The cosmic seas carried their souls,

But then,

New ships!

Anoqians and Merceptians,

Both fighting for reign,

Ignoring the Elven,

Didn’t care what they say.

But then,

Eureka, the Elven home!

The undead Morg Rider

Elven insider

Sword yield and glider;

Battle ensued.

Annihilation, Obliteration, Extermination.

Oh no!

The dominating five races;

The Ostarians, The Gankuri, The Merceptians, The Anoquians, The Varukians:

Became friends.

(There were also the sole riders; the Arthropodians,

Who detected, predicted, and set off to no ends)

Did Nothing conquer all?

He had lost naught but time.

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