The Story of Heaven on Earth by Jake Muscat

The Story of Heaven on Earth by Jake Muscat

The whole world consisted of people who were intelligent and who spoke in pretty much the same wavelength. As the people progressed scientifically, materially and socially, they were able to find a place which was devoid of buildings and decided to settle there. They named this place Paradise.

Then they said to each other, “Let us build our paradise on Earth here.” And so they set about establishing this paradise on Earth. They went through what was needed for this paradise to become a reality, and so they said, “There will be no countries and no borders so that there is nothing for us to kill or die for. There will be no religion and no heaven because we have made heaven on earth, and all the people will live for today. There will be no need for personal possessions; no one will die of hunger or greed. There will be no names given to our people, for we are brothers and sisters of the world alike. We must build this paradise ourselves as a unity, otherwise we will be simply avoiding what we know is good for the world.” And so, Paradise was built.

There were those who believed in this paradise, but still started to doubt how realistic it could be. Those people spoke out and said, “How admirable we must be to want the best for ourselves.  However, once we have established our perfect paradise, what will we do except eat, drink, and occupy ourselves with the continuation of our species?” Those who wanted this utopia claimed that: those who wanted the return of the many nations were racist; those who asked to have personal belongings again were greedy; those who wanted a name for themselves were selfish; and those who still claimed to believe in God were primitive and possessed backwards thinking.

Those who wanted this paradise on Earth knew no bounds or limits, no God nor metaphysical being which allowed them to distinguish right from wrong and good from evil, so they silenced those people who were against this paradise on Earth. Now they said, “Our enemies are gone; therefore we can continue the process of running our paradise on Earth.”

The Lord saw what was happening on Earth and said, “So long as they remain blind to what they were doing, they will continue running their paradise on Earth through a sea of blood and mountains of skulls. They think they know everything, but elevating themselves to the status of gods of the world has blinded them. Thus, let us open their eyes so they may see that they are naked and vulnerable.

And so, those on Earth opened their eyes and began to realise that they could not stand idleness for much longer. The paradise on Earth offered them no hope, nothing to live for, no purpose to exist, no identity for themselves. They realised that they were naked and vulnerable rather than the gods who they had claimed to be and who knew what was best for everyone else.

So they all returned to their nation, their personal belongings, their religion, their personal identity and their humble selves. Once again, the world was divided, but man had a purpose of his own once more. He was no longer a puppet of the dreamers of paradise on Earth, for he had learnt what that really meant.

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