The Truth Escapes Me by Juanita Galea

The Truth Escapes Me by Juanita Galea

In an age of heroes I am none

I am not on the winner’s side

I cannot differentiate from good or bad

The few times I have, I’ve chosen wrong

Tales of gods and men are fighting off wild beasts

Gods receiving offerings. In exchange, man receives some peace

In a world where you are surrounded by gods, I am none

Longing for someone is a sign of weakness I

took comfort in my desolation

Never longed to once again feel the sun’s bitter kiss

I never belonged to this Earth

It is not where my inner most being was intertwined and made 

I am not a hero, I have no land to call my home 

The growth of love has never touched my finger tips 

Its taste remains foreign to my tongue 

Feelings of insecurity do not shatter me 

What you call love I have never experienced

I am not the hero of the story, I saved none I

only save myself

“Do you love me?” “No”, I softly say. “Do

you want to die?” “Yes”, I state. Lying is

a sin, and I am no sinner.

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