I, Chaos by Juanita Galea

I, Chaos by Juanita Galea

I am what drives men to kill each other

I am the tainter of souls

I make you forget what it means to rest.


I dress you in the armour of desolation

With the sword of anguish on your side And the shield of hatred on the other.

I burn like pestilence in your mouth

I’m bitter like blood.

Chaos reigns triumphant, I always win. 

It happened at once

Quick and swift

No time to feel

Submerged in peace, with no time to think.

No black abyss.

No blinding light. 

I drowned in peace, in a violent peace which

weighed me down.

I couldn’t help but desire to drown

No noise or cries or machines I could hear

Not my heartbeat, raging with fear.

Peace took over, it bruised and beat my body It

took over me, made me subordinate to her 

Peace controlled me. It stripped all that I had

Took my ability to feel, to say, to behave

It left my shell broken and untidy.

She adorned me with a ribbon, wrapping her gift tightly. 

No one can prepare you for the kindness of peace

The love she provides, a promise of a new life.

She takes you into her loving arms and guides

you home.

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