Wizard’s Eye by Matthew Cilia

Wizard’s Eye by Matthew Cilia

Lo and behold! Here comes a story of one

Who is found in all yet found in none.

If you’re one of some who’s journeyed on,

Rest assured your deed is done.

Like th’ auburn leaf born beautiful ‘n bright,

Old life you’ll leave to meet th’ moon at night

To find a path unseen o’ light

An’ renew again your sight.

I met a boy not long ago before th’ twilight hour

A gentle soul untouched an’ kindled by th’ swaying wind

whose soles ungirdled at my ragged clothes over rough skin.

To his liking I offered an adventure fit for growth

To slay creatures so bold and earn gold of old

Who without further ado, prompted to do so an’ set forth.

From planes of glowing green and flowing rivers

I took him to lands of darkness, despair, bareness

Promptly he turned aback and made way to comfort.

Timely came a monster filthy and unnatural

The boy became a man as he plunged a lying sword through its torso

Forever changed, so he never went back.

Along our ever-winding road near fire beneath stars

He asked why he was chosen for such a call

To which I told that all are called, yet all are deaf.

As all things live, all must die

So silent an’ swift I set to my departure

For the man to carry on his journey alone.

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