The Candyman, by Desiree Oliveri

The Candyman, by Desiree Oliveri

They had warned the masses of the man
Who had a sick and twisted plan,
Who was oh so very keen
To put the terror in Halloween.

The candy man was coming near,
The houses filled with fretful fear,
I told Oliver to stay away,
“The Candyman was out to play.

The candy man would declare
“Trick or treat? The question is fair,
Your faith is only in my hands,
Flip the coin to see where it lands”.

Oliver stood there, quiet and scared,
“I’ll get a knife!” I desperately declared.
I ran back to Oliver but he wasn’t there,
Despair and worry now filled the air,

I ran to the wide-open door,
Candy wrappers were on the floor.

Why did it have to be my son?
Why had the Candyman won?

I called the police frantically crying,
No one picked up, I kept trying and trying.
Suddenly a familiar voice filled the air,
It was Oliver sitting on the living room chair.

He was covered in blood, a sack in his hand,
A hatchet in the other and a smile so grand,
He said, “Look mummy I got you a treat,
It was such a fun task to complete.

The voices in my head asked Mr. Jones to pick,
Poor old man should have never chosen trick”.

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