About Us

Text is DESA’s online platform through which University students can express themselves creatively and academically so as to hone their writing skills. In fact, TEXT offers the services of editing and feedback to anything you wish it to submit to this platform.

While creative writing remains a popular choice among students, DESA also accepts anything from theoretical essays to cultural articles, including commentaries, reviews and interviews!

Executive 2020-2021

President: Claire Bajada
Vice-President: Jazmine Debattista
Public Relations Officer: Lisa Zammit
Events Officer: Kiren Falzon
International Officer: Neve Galea
Text Editors: Christine Galea & Matthew Cilia
First Year Representative: Kirk Grech
First Year Helpers: Valentina Astarita & Martina Vella
Second Year Representative: Martina Mifsud
Second Year Helper: Paul Scicluna & Rakele Harvey
Third Year Representative: Jazmine Debattista
Post-graduate Representative: Jeremy Mallia